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Fundraising Ideas

Be sure to invite all sorority leadership councils on your campus to be involved with any idea you come up with. The Circle of Sisterhood wants ALL sorority women to be involved in our efforts to help girls go to school around the world.

Let us know what you’re doing by sharing your ideas and fundraisers on our Facebook page: 
and tweet at us on Twitter: @CofS_Foundation. We’d also love for you to send photos with descriptions to

Campus Fundraising Ideas:

1. Circles for Education
Use colored cardstock to make cut-out circles (think CofS logo) that say “I support the Circle of Sisterhood,” “I support girl’s education,” or another meaningful message. Sell the circles for $1 each and allow purchasers to write their name on the circle. Then, post the circles in a visible place on campus (Student Union Library, Greek Life office, etc.). This is a great way to raise money and create a visual impact on campus.

2. Balloon Awareness
Tie balloons (helium) around campus with stats about the global issues affecting girls and women. This will generate buzz. Perhaps compliment by tabling at the Union (attach paper to balloon inviting students to visit you at Union for a treat and more information). You can find lots of stats and information on the Take Action page of our website.

3. Restaurant Fundraiser (profit share)
Establish a partnership with a restaurant, yogurt shop, etc. within walking distance of campus to designate a night when a percentage of any food purchase by a Greek in letters is donated to the Circle of Sisterhood – a 501c3 charity. If most Greeks are housed on your campus, choose a night when chapter houses don’t serve dinner.

4. Support Academic Achievement
During finals week and midterms, in an effort to help others appreciate their education when 62 million girls in the world are out of school, have sorority women troll the library and give treats to Greeks they find in letters studying. Promote that you will do so. Attach stats about the cause to the treats. Any Greek who comes to your table and can show an A or B on an exam/paper/project gets a free treat (bookmark, button, cookies).

5. Competition for a Cause
Have chapters compete in relay races such as tug-o-war, potato sack races or any other physical activity for a donation to be made in their honor to CofS.

6. Brothers for Sisters
Encourage the fraternity men on your campus to get involved in this cause with you. Partner with them on events. Why? Because the oppression of women worldwide will not end until men are significantly involved and understand the issues. Ask the IFC to match your donation.

7. T-Shirts
We know how Greeks love t-shirts – sell one with proceeds benefiting the Circle of Sisterhood! You can work with one of our officially licensed vendors. Before purchasing from a vendor, investigate whether the vendor is licensed to use CofS trademarks by visiting this link.

Or if you want to work with a local vendor who is not licensed, please ask them to get licensed. For information on becoming a licensed vendor of the Circle of Sisterhood, please be sure your service provider contacts: Melissa Jean-Baptiste, Affinity Consultants

All official vendors are screened for high quality, appropriate products and good customer service.

8. Grams
Use baked goods or handmade notes to help students recognize each other on a special day. Examples: Valentine’s Day (Sweetheart Grams), Halloween (Boo Grams), St. Patrick’s Day (Lucky Grams), etc.

9. Warm Up or Cool Down
At your union, sell hot cocoa on cold days or popsicles on hot days.

10. Can Shake or Collect Change
Can shake around campus collecting spare change–it is amazing how it can add up! Pass out a postcard or sticker to everyone who donates with a fact about girls and education. Or collect change from everyone attending your next event or educational program and be sure to share what the money will do. For example, the following figures equate to expenses related to schooling in the developing world:
o $4 can provide her with lunch for an entire school year
o $7 can purchase a girl a set of textbooks
o $13 can purchase her tuition for a year
o $29 can put her in a new school uniform

11. Inspiring Women Night
Have a note writing event with snacks and prizes. Inform women in attendance about our cause (use videos from our YouTube channel) and then encourage them to each write 2 or 3 personal notes to other women who have inspired them or helped them with their education. In the notes, have them ask that person to help girls go to school in the developing world by donating $20. (Examples: mothers, grandmothers, aunts, teachers, advisors, counselors, mentors, etc.) Set up a CofS fundraising page on Crowdrise ( to make it easy for note writer to tell their mentors where to donate. This page is attached to Circle of Sisterhood so all donor gifts will be tax deductible.

12. Talent Show
Host a campus Talent Show and invite the community to the event. Contestants could be Greek students or children of the faculty.

13. Dance Marathon
Include IFC in a Brothers for Sisters campaign. Partner with dance teams and clubs. $45 a team to enter. $5 to attend.

14. Partner with Local Alumnae
Host events with local area alumnae organizations (alumnae chapters/clubs, Alumnae Panhellenics, etc.) This is a meaningful way engage all area alumnae with the important work you are doing.

15. Fashion Show for a Cause
Partner with campus fashion club/merchandising majors. $5 entry fee. Chapter presidents of the fraternities and sororities could be models.

16. Challenges
Cupcake Challenge–Have a bake off between chapters, and see who sells the most baked goods.

Penny Challenge–A friendly competition between the chapters to see who can raise the most money.

(Please note: We would prefer that you refrain from using the word “War” when hosting events for the Circle of Sisterhood. Many women around the world are brutalized and oppressed as a result of war so the association can be inappropriate.)

17. Tailgate Treats
Work with Athletic Department to have bake sales at tailgates or outside stadiums before games.

18. Raffle
Raffle off an iPad at your next large campus event. $10 per ticket. Ask a local retailer to donate the iPad.

19. “Women Hold up Half the Sky”
Host a book club or viewing of the Half the Sky documentary. Collect donations at the event. Download an Impact Program Discussion Guide on our website. Girl Rising is also a very good documentary (90 min.) that is specifically about girls’ education.

20. Junior Panhellenic Involvement
If you have one, find creative ways to get your Junior Panhellenic involved in creating awareness about the cause and fundraising for CofS. This is a great way to tap into emerging Panhellenic leaders.

21. Field Day/Carnival
Host a field day with different activities. Or host a carnival with games and raffles (bounce houses, dunk booth, etc.).

22. Girls Night In
Host a Girls Night In by showing an informational CofS video. Then have an evening of fun interactive games (minute to win it games, board games, card games, girl power movie, etc.) or crafts.

23. Concert for a Cause
Find a local band and ask them to profit share one of their shows.

24. Bingo Night
Host a bingo night and invite other student organizations and Greek Councils to be involved. This is a great opportunity to build awareness about the CofS to others on campus.

25. Punch N Brunch
Host a self-defense class for women on campus followed by brunch. Proceeds go to CofS. Take the opportunity to talk about the oppression women face around the world and how you are supporting Circle of Sisterhood to uplift women from oppression through education.

26. Flag Football/Powder-puff Football
$10 fee to play in a casual game or host a tournament between sororities and/or fraternities.

27. “Give me Five” Campaign
Instead of spending $5 on coffee, ask individuals to donate $5 to the Circle of Sisterhood. This $5 equates to providing a noon meal every day for a year to a student in the developing world.

28. Eating Contest
Have an eating contest between sororities, fraternities and/or other campus organizations. Try watermelon, hot dogs, pie, pizza, etc.

29. Movie Night
Host an indoor or outdoor movie night with snacks. Collect $2 from each sorority woman who attends and encourage them to invite a fellow sister.

30. Benefit Dinner
Host a benefit dinner for CofS. Include a Silent Auction and ask local businesses to donate items for the auction.

31. Buttons or Stickers for a Cause
Order CofS buttons or stickers to sell to all Greeks to create awareness and raise money.

32. Kick Off Dinner
Host a pizza dinner to kick off CofS week and invite all sorority women. Collect $2 at the door to help girls go to school.

33. Trunk Show
Host a trunk show with a local retailer. Partner with the campus Women’s Center

34. Karaoke Night
Host a Karaoke Night at one of the chapter houses (if you have them) or on campus. Ask faculty members to serve as judges.

35. Circle of Sisterhood Week
Identify one week of your academic year as Circle of Sisterhood Week (similar to Panhellenic Pride Week). Host a couple of activities where all sorority women on campus participate; assign Sister Sororities to show appreciation to each other throughout the week; host fundraising bake sales; Girls Movie Night, etc.

36. Recruitment – teach PNMs about Philanthropy!
The easiest thing for a Panhellenic to do would be to ask PNMs to donate when they sign up for recruitment. Donating $1-2, in addition to their recruitment fee, will help provide opportunity to girls. Market your efforts as a community having a global impact – together – by putting information in your formal recruitment registration materials. Let those thinking about going through sorority recruitment know that a portion of the recruitment fee is helping girls go to school in the developing world. Then, during recruitment orientation or a philanthropy round, share information about the Circle of Sisterhood and let your PNMs know that they’ve already made an impact on your community’s philanthropic efforts. Tie into the values of all of our Founders – Sisterhood, Service, and Education. Be sure to provide the option to give this philanthropic donation on your registration form.

37. Dress Down Meetings
Challenge chapters to have “dress down” meetings. Members/delegates can dress down with a donation of $5.

38. Greek Week philanthropic focus
If your Greek Community raises money for philanthropic organizations during Greek Week, include or use Circle of Sisterhood as the cause of choice. During the week, host an event that creates awareness about the global issues affecting girls and women and how education is the answer to most of them. For example, on one of the evenings of Greek Week, invite the entire Greek community to view the documentary Girl Rising ( and have a conversation.

39. Create awareness on Recognition Days
International Women’s Day – March 8
International Day of the Girl – October 11
Giving Tuesday – first Tuesday after Thanksgiving

Celebrate one of these recognition days by raising awareness and funds for CofS in many of the ways listed in this document. For example, challenge every sorority chapter on campus to conduct a postcard/letter writing campaign to ask friends and family to give $13, which equates to a year of tuition for a girl in the developing world. Create an online giving portal for your project or event for the Circle of Sisterhood here:

40. Recruitment Kick Off
Host a pizza dinner to kick off recruitment work week and invite all sorority women. Collect $2 at the door to help girls go to school.

Other Suggestions:

Find creative ways to partner with other student or community organizations and campus divisions interested in the same cause.
Examples: women’s studies/campus activities/ international studies/chaplaincy/ women’s groups or sports teams, etc.

Use social media (Twitter, Facebook) to share event location and facts.
Download the Circle of Sisterhood Fundraising Guide here:
Click the ‘Raise Funds’ button.