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Too many girls and women around the world still lack basic legal rights and protections as well as limited access to school. Worldwide, over sixty million girls are not in school and two thirds of illiterate adults are women. Yet, studies have shown that educated women positively impact their economy, overcome poverty, and have healthier families.

Education is a basic human right and the Circle of Sisterhood’s (CofS) mission is to remove barriers to education for girls. We have done so much good in so many ways by awarding grants to organizations tackling the global crisis in girls’ education all over the world. In addition, we also help to fund school builds.

In 2013, CofS began a school build program in earnest to compliment all the other ways we are providing access to education. We know that an adequate structure conducive to learning is critical to the success of any student. Accordingly, we began partnerships with organizations working on the ground in countries around the world.

CofS supporters are raising the funds necessary to build schools in communities and villages that are without adequate school structures. Children in the selected communities and villages were often crammed into unlit, unsanitary, and unsuitable learning environments. For too many children, school can be a dank and crumbling mud hut, a large tree when weather permits, or a structure in a neighboring village multiple miles away. In developing countries, 57 million children of primary school age have no classroom access at all. A sound structure is critical to a strong education and creates a safe environment where children are comfortable learning.

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