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I have a lot of respect for Bill Gates. Not just because he’s been wildly successful, but because as far as I can understand, he’s kept a steady head about him in spite of his success. As one of the wealthiest men in the world, he’s also making a name for himself as one of […]

In the Sacred Valley of Peru, the world’s most direct descendants of the Inca Empire live in extreme poverty, struggling to meet even the most basic of needs. One of the most severe problems for rural villages in the region is a lack of access to public services. For example, children have to walk up […]

This year, our Panhellenic community decided to support the Circle of Sisterhood as our annual recruitment philanthropy. Each year, the council chooses an organization to sponsor and Circle of Sisterhood seemed a perfect fit. The cause is admirable, accessible, and relatable for all women, REGARDLESS OF AFFILIATION. In years past, one dollar of each potential […]

Some of the most common New Year’s resolutions are to get fit, lose weight, eat healthy, or work out more. Rarely do you hear someone make a resolution to give more to charity. This year, I am going to do both, and I am doing both alongside my students and co-workers at Mizzou. This year, […]

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Think back to your elementary school math days.  Remember Venn Diagrams?  It is a visual representation of the relationship of information within two circles.  The two circles intersect where the relationship is maximized and all the values between the two circles are aligned. Our Circle – the Circle of Sisterhood – is committed to leveraging […]