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Last fall, the Quinnipiac University Panhellenic Council held a great educational event for the sorority women on their campus. Circle of Sisterhood is fairly new to campus, so a lot of sorority women were interested in learning more about the background of the organization and how they could get involved. Leading up to the event, […]

The Circle of Sisterhood supports entities that remove barriers to education for girls and women, uplifting them from poverty and oppression. Because of the generous support of our donors, we’ve had an impact in eighteen countries since our founding in 2010.  One of the many organizations Circle of Sisterhood has been able to provide funding to is […]

Circle of Sisterhood Foundation would not be what it is today without the dedication and support of its volunteers. Women across the country continue to give up their time and resources to the Foundation, and we are so grateful for all that they do. Last week, in honor of Volunteer Appreciation Week, we asked our […]

I’ll be honest right up front.  I’m not the best writer.  I’m a much better communicator in-person.  I talk with my hands; my voice goes through a range of inflections and gets louder as I become more excited.  So it’s hard for me to convey in writing how passionate I am about volunteering for the […]

As a senior at the University of Kentucky, with commencement around the corner, my mind is filled with many thoughts and worries about the future. Where will I live?  What kind of job will I land?  Where is my life going from here? But one question in particular has been nagging my brain these past […]