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Bead for Life’s mission is to eradicate extreme poverty by creating bridges of understanding between impoverished Africans and concerned citizens of the world. This grant is funding the secondary education of 6 girls in Northern Uganda – tuition, school supplies, mattress, uniform, staff support, and empowerment activities.

Love146’s mission is to rescue sex trafficked victims and reintegrate them into society. How many times does a girl need to be rescued before she can be free? Love146 believes the answer is until she is given access to education. Love146 works to end child sex slavery through Prevention and Aftercare. This grant is supporting the Educational Tract of the Aftercare Reintegration Program at the Round Home project, sponsoring 5 girls.

Ayni creates quality educational opportunities in Afghanistan that empower and inspire children and their families to build peaceful, just and life-affirming communities. Since the removal of the Taliban from power in 2001, millions of children have entered the Afghan school system—most for the first time. One third of these children are girls.

In 2011, Ayni launched the Village Schools Initiative with the goal of completing the physical infrastructure requirements of nine remote village schools by 2013. In February 2012, the Afghan team expanded to include two Afghan women, Atifa and Hosnia. They work with the girls’ schools as liaisons for our programs and to promote better more frequent communication between our office, the schools, and our donors. This grant is helping to support one of the Girls’ School Liaisons. Employing Afghan women in the schools offers accountability, a role model/aspirational structure, and ensures quality control for the girls in the Village Schools Initiative.