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Days for Girls International’s mission is to reverse the cycles of poverty and violence by building efficient, direct and effective means for girls and women worldwide to improve their dignity, health and standing in their communities with access to sustainable menstrual health management and reproductive health knowledge for every girl. Everywhere. Period. This grant will provide the necessary materials, transportation, and administrative costs to build on an existing assembly program between Days for Girls and two different sewing cooperatives in Kampala. This project will not only provide income to women in Uganda, but will also pave the way for scaling up in the near future. Circle for Sisterhood’s important funding will not only result in more girls and women receiving feminine hygiene kits that they can count on month after month, while providing Ugandan jobs and more women training in how to make kits.

Like the Circle of Sisterhood, Girls Inc. believes that all girls deserve an opportunity to pursue their educational dreams. Because of our congruent missions, Girls Inc. is the recipient of a $5,000 grant in support of their Smart College and Career Planning program. This program includes Lunch Bunch programs where girls interact with professional women from fields such as public health, medicine, computer software, politics, fundraising, and education. These women encourage the girls to pursue an education and to set big goals for their future. Together, we are empowering today’s girls to grow into healthy, educated, and independent young women.

College Mentors for Kids connects college students with the most to give to kids that need it most. College Mentors pairs first- through eighth-grade children with local college student mentors. Through weekly after-school activities, mentors help their “Little Buddies” understand higher education opportunities, as well as the importance of self-reliance, self-confidence, taking initiative at school, and making wise academic and social choices. With the help of their mentor, these at-risk youth are exposed to the opportunities of higher education. The data shows that 77% of kids report trying harder in school. The Circle of Sisterhood grant will provide funding for two pairs for an academic year.

In the high Mixteca area in Oaxaca, Mexico, seven out of ten adult women are illiterate. Illiteracy and gender inequality are the primary causes of economic and educational disadvantage. This grant will support a Circle of Women coordinated program aimed at helping the indigenous Mixteca women in Oaxaca to become self-sufficient and empower them to build healthy and viable communities. Our grant is providing funding for one new teacher, program supplies, and all needed teacher travel for one year.

The Circle of Sisterhood has partnered with buildOn, an organization that works in some of the poorest countries on the planet to build schools in villages that have historically had no adequate school structure. buildOn works with local Ministries of Education and rural villages in the developing world to build primary schools and run adult literacy programs. With the help of our donors, the Circle of Sisterhood has funded a school build in Senegal and a school build in Nicaragua. In the summer of 2015, we plan to fund four more school builds – two in Senegal, one in Nicaragua and another in Haiti. The Circle of Sisterhood has donated over $125,000 toward school builds.