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GoodWeave’s mission is to end child labor in the rug industry and to provide educational opportunities to children in the weaving communities of Nepal, India and Afghanistan. Child labor is rampant in the handmade rug industry of south Asia with an estimated 250,000 children exploited on carpet looms. GoodWeave’s theory of change is that when more consumers choose to purchase a certified child-labor-free carpet, manufacturers will stop enslaving children. Our $5,000 grant will support their Weaving Educational Opportunities for Afghan Girls initiative, which has two primary objectives: 1) locate, enroll and sponsor programs for at least 50 girls and 2) direct women to the jobs previously held by these children, and ensure these jobs provide fair, legal and transparent working conditions. An additional long-term objective of this program is GoodWeave’s desire to shift deeper seeded barriers regarding access to educational and professional advancement for girls and women.

GirlForward was founded in Chicago in 2011 as the first organization in the United States designed to increase opportunities and educational achievement among refugee girls, harnessing the unique potential of girls to end cycles of poverty. GirlForward provides adolescent refugee girls with individual mentorship, educational programs, and leadership opportunities, creating a community of support that serves as a resource and empowers girls to be strong, confident, and independent. The Camp GirlForward provides summer English, math, and computer skills instruction, and enrichment activities that foster confidence and leadership. This grant is supporting 20 refugee girls at Camp GirlForward.

Forum for Community Change and Development (FOFCOD) is an organization that caters to society’s needs and advances women’s human rights in South Sudan. FOFCOD believes ensuring women’s full equality and full participation in society is one of the most effective ways to build a just, peaceful and sustainable country. FOFCOD programs look at issues concerning economic security, health, safety, education and leadership. FOFCOD’s mission is to open eyes, inform minds, touch hearts and join hands to create a country where all economic structures, systems and policies guarantee the dignity and basic rights of every member of the human family. Our $2,500 grant will support a multi-faceted program to improve the life skills, health and economic status of poor women.

The EKARI Foundation’s mission is to provide the resources necessary for the poor and excluded to emerge from poverty on their own. EKARI believes that supporting families with small businesses and supporting students with education equals sustainable and empowered families supporting sustainable and empowered students. Our $3,500 grant in 2012 provided six girls in Malawi with tuition, boarding fees, meal program, uniforms, transport home during holidays, basic necessities such as soap, feminine products, notebooks, and an allowance for school needs/supplies.

We are pleased to continue our support of the EKARI Foundation through the awarding of a second grant ($4,500) in October 2013. This grant will support one year of school for seven girls, including the six girls we funded through for the 2012-13 school year.

Our second grant to EGBOK Mission will secure education and training scholarships for two young women of the world’s most at-risk populations of Cambodia to receive the highest level of training and support possible in their country so they can support themselves working in the hospitality industry. EGBOK’s mission is to alleviate poverty by empowering underprivileged young adults with the educational and vocational training needed to support themselves as hospitality professionals.