About the cause

In the mid 1800s in America, the women who founded our sororities stood together for the right to go to college, thus beginning a sorority movement.  Now, almost 150 years later and more than 5 million strong, we vow to continue our Founders’ legacy by standing together again to help girls and women go to school around the world.

Circle of Sisterhood is comprised of women, who have in common a college education. We know that access to quality schooling affords a better life for a woman and that of her family. For too many girls and women around the world, access to quality education is often limited. And education is the answer to many of the global issues related to women – poverty, oppression, misogyny, brutality. Ultimately, more and more educated girls will mean stronger and healthier villages, communities and entire countries.

One person can make a small difference. But as a community of 5 million sorority women, our collective efforts will be transforming for generations to come.

why sorority women

Founder, Ginny Carroll was inspired to create the Circle of Sisterhood Foundation because she is a strong proponent of the sorority experience and is well aware that the sorority movement came forth out of oppression. Continue Reading

About the Book: half the sky

After reading the book, Half the Sky, Circle of Sisterhood founder Ginny Carroll identified a chance to turn oppression into opportunity for women worldwide. Continue Reading